Although people often hide their dark side, it is not a separate from the public persona, they are mutually influential and part of the whole. My work expresses the darkness within people which usually remains hidden. Everyone keeps aspects of their personality and experience concealed, I bring these areas to light and ask the viewer to examine those aspects within themselves based upon my personal understanding of human existence. The characters I represent tend to be social and moral outcasts, usually categorized as a minority by the dominant culture. Having an innate sense of human impotency in the face of obscurity; I introduce themes of darkness into my work to draw awareness to the internal shadows present in both individuals and society as a whole.

        Art is a powerful tool that allows me to express the totality of my being. By allowing the viewer to glimpse hidden aspects of my personality, I ask them to release their own into the conversation, to hear it. It is only by integrating all aspects of the self that we can begin to understand and truly express it.

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